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Meira ♠ Shiki
14 August 2011 @ 11:08 pm

This blog mostly contains:

♠ anime & manga-related fangirling ♠
♠ BJD-related ramblings and photos ♠
♠ rants / emo-posts / random posts about life ♠

If you're fine with that, feel free to add me :3
Thanks for visiting!
Meira ♠ Shiki
29 March 2013 @ 12:15 pm
Just had a random day-out with some of my close friends a few days ago.
Some of us brought our resin babies along, too. ♥

As Madz pointed out, everyone was in their winter get-up except Nao (who just wore his shirt, pants and shoes). lol
For some reason, he didn't want to wear his jacket that day. So I just let him be. XD

It was a hot Sunday afternoon~Collapse )
Meira ♠ Shiki
24 February 2013 @ 02:36 pm
First meet for 2013~ /o/ it's been a while since I've been to one. @w@
It was a fun meet as always XD

The theme for this meet (it's a post-Valentine's meet btw) is Blind Date.
All the dolls [who signed up for the Blind Date] would be able to have a date, only that they wouldn't know who they'd get until the day itself. It was awkward and funny at the same time. XD

Being the distracted blob that I am, I wasn't able to take pictures of all the dolls. xD;
Anyway, here are my share of pics.

70+ shots under the cutCollapse )

That's it for now :)
Thank you for having us, MM! till the next meet. ♥
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Meira ♠ Shiki
18 October 2012 @ 12:00 am
First photostory with Nao-kun and my Snow Miku nendoroid (who happened to tag along during our trip). XD I suddenly got ideas for this photostory on one lazy afternoon while we were out of civilization in the mountains =w=

Anyway... for the dialogues and stuff:
- Light orange = Naoki
- Light blue = Snow Miku
- Purple = Mei

It's not much, but I hope you'd enjoy~ :3

some peace and quiet~Collapse )
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Meira ♠ Shiki
08 September 2012 @ 10:57 am
I've always been fascinated with BJDs since around college, but buying one never occurred to me until July 17, 2011. Me and my friends had a cosplay studio shoot on that day, and two of my friends nekonekomadz and imahica brought their BJDs, Alice and Maya. It was my first time to see BJDs in person, and I was really amazed at how pretty they are. *A*

Soon enough, I decided that I would definitely buy one- but of course, I needed to decide on which mold/sculpt, etc. I even made a wishlist, gaaahh. I decided upon DoD/Dream of Doll's Homme Ducan (my supposedly 'first love' from way back haha), and planned to buy him on Christmas.

Everything changed a few weeks after that, when we learned about L'arc~en~ciel's World Tour (one of which would be in Hong Kong on March 2012). I can't remember how it happened but eventually me and some friends decided that we'd go there... so that meant my funds were going to be shifted to my travel expenses. Thankfully, the trip went well. Of course, since the trip was over, I went back to my plan of saving up (again) for Gau (the Homme Ducan).

So this is where it all started: when we got back to the Philippines, the first plate number that I saw had NAO in it (most plate numbers in the Philippines have three letters and three numbers). I was like "O_O oh god..." because Nao (Crobidoll's Nao) was included in the BJD wishlist that I made before.

Eventually, for some reason, the name Nao started showing up everywhere. Coincidence or not, it felt like he was haunting me. I don't find it creepy at all, but I find his "persistence" quite unnerving. XD I've lost count on how many times he has haunted me, one of which included a phone call at work:

caller: "Hello, may I inquire about the check/account of NAOki [insert surname here]?"
me: Nao....ki... *was silent for a moment before she snapped back to her senses*

So after some time, I decided that I should buy Nao first because apparently (according to some friends), he was more excited to get home. LOL

When I finally got some funds to buy him, I ordered him (on July 29). The wait wasn't much of a torture because I was, as always, busy with work and a lot of other things, but I did check Crobidoll's site (and my email) every now and then.

My heart sank on the evening of August 28 when I checked my email and saw that I had two unread emails (I usually get only one, which was from Crobidoll's Q&A board). I was saying to myself "this might be the shipping notice I'm waiting for~".. I was right. XD

Apparently Nao had a quick trip, as he arrived in the Philippines on August 29 (same date as the release of the GazettE's new album!♥). He was handed over to customs on August 30. I wasn't able to pick him up because I was swamped with month-end work, plus my mom insisted that I wait for the EMS notice first before heading to the customs office. Excited much? XD

I got the notice after 3 working days. Yesterday, I went with my parents and Kanis (dollground) to the customs office early to pick him up. Surprisingly, the process didn't take too long (less than an hour or so), and the tax imposed was only around P1.1k (the package's value was declared as $30).

After [finally] claiming the package from the customs office, mom suggested that we open/check the box when we get to the car, just to be sure. I thought it was an unceremonious box opening (no photos!), haha. We opened the box, removed the plastic and took a peek inside. Nao was covered with the pillow cushion thingy, so we had to unzip it a bit. I saw a part of his head/shoulder, then went "waaaaaa!" then we closed it. LOL

I haven't thought of a name for Nao ever since, but on our way home we suddenly decided on it: Naoki Uehara, nickname: Nao. Yeah I'm so creative (_ _) *shot*

Wow, that was long. Nao on to the pics...Collapse )

That's it for nao now. :3
I have to leave the pc for now since I need to get ready to watch Phantom of the Opera later...

Thanks for looking/reading! ^^
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Meira ♠ Shiki
25 March 2012 @ 01:48 pm
Actually.. this mini-meet was a not-so-mini meet, given the number of people (and the dolls). It was fun, as always XD though I really need to improve on my non-existent social skillz. /awkward forever

Not much pics this time ^^; I was supposed to take a picture of the dolls (placed in the playground/play area) after I finish my bread and cakes, but I wasn't finished yet when they had to move the dolls (there was a kid who was going to play there). So.. yeah. OTL

Anyway, enough with the excuses.. here are the pics~

I want more of that Mango Bene, please.Collapse )

Thanks for looking! :)
Till next meet, MM~
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Meira ♠ Shiki
11 March 2012 @ 05:54 pm
Long overdue post. LOL *shotdead*

This meet ... it all started with siopao.Collapse )

Thank you again, MM, till next meet :3
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Meira ♠ Shiki
20 November 2011 @ 12:10 pm
Here's my share of photos from Manika Manila's Halloween Meet~

It's the first doll meet that I was able to join. I had lots of fun (even if I didn't have a doll to bring with me). ♥
It was nice meeting new people~ though I have to apologize for being a socially-awkward blob most of the time. *_*;;

Anyway, on with the pics!

Now I'm seriously torn between getting my doll and going to the L'arc~en~ciel concert...Collapse )
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